Starting Art Therapy

Art therapy is a creative therapy and my role, as your therapist, is to help think creatively with you about your presenting issue.

”Arts and creative therapies are treatments which involve using arts-based activities in a therapeutic environment, with the support of a trained professional. You don’t need to have done these activities before, or have any particular skills or knowledge.

Different people will have different experiences of arts and creative therapies, but they all aim to:

  • give you a safe time and place with someone who won’t judge you
  • help you make sense of things and understand yourself better
  • help you resolve complicated feelings, or find ways to live with them
  • help you communicate and express yourself, which might include feelings or experiences you find hard to put into words.”

I provide art therapy from my counselling room and online. My therapy room is easily accessible from the M5 and from surrounding areas. It is in a peaceful rural setting and has car parking space. If you are bringing a child to therapy or are providing support to an adult or young person you can wait in a comfortable room adjacent to the therapy room. Tea and coffee are available.

To get started simply call or email using the details on the Contact page so we can discuss what you are looking for. I can answer any questions you may have and we will discuss whether art therapy would be suitable.

A free 15 minute phone call can be requested if you would like to discuss therapy and what you are looking for. If you decide to proceed we will arrange an appointment for assessment. This simply means we can talk in more detail about what you are looking for and how I might be able to help.

Initial Assessment Appointment:

If you decide you would like to try therapy we will arrange a time to meet for an assessment. If you are looking for therapy for a child, you will need to attend the first session without your child. This is so we can complete an assessment and talk freely to discuss what sort of support your child needs without causing any distress to the child.

First Therapy Appointment:

The first therapy session will involve exploring the art materials and thinking together about what has brought you to look for therapy at this time. We will devise an individual, highly personalised approach to your therapy that we both feel is practical and achievable.

Where the appointment is for a child or with an adult who needs support, the first meeting can involve the carer to ensure the child, or adult, feels safe and comfortable. For subsequent sessions carers can wait in a comfortable room with lovely rural views that is adjacent to the therapy room.

Therapy Sessions:

Session content is agreed during assessment and will be tailored to your individual needs. Sessions last for one hour but EMDR sessions can be up to 90 minutes. The number of sessions available will be agreed at assessment.

My therapy room has a table as a work area, chairs and art materials.

Materials can include (but are not limited to) paint, clay, plasticine, textiles and sewing, fabric, pastels and charcoal, drawing and collage, glue and cardboard, photography and editing apps and the use of found objects.

All art materials are provided unless we are working online.

Any art work created is safely stored in the therapy space for the duration of our work together.