About Art Therapy

Art therapists combine aspects of traditional counselling with the physical and mental health benefits of creative expression. Using our imagination, allowing ourselves to paint, construct and draw, develops creative behaviours that can help us become more resilient in dealing with life’s stresses.

Art therapy can help you explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviour so you can develop greater understanding of yourself and your relationships. The creative process can help address complex emotions and experience.

Some people choose art therapy because it is difficult to find words that adequately describe their experiences. Some people come to art therapy out of curiosity to see if having a creative outlet can bring some meaning and satisfaction into their life. And others have found talking therapies difficult to engage with and want to try something different.

My name is Jess Butler and I have worked as an art therapist since 2007. I now have a small private practice where I can offer personalised and thoughtful care to support your well being. Creative work can really help untangle our thoughts and feelings leading to improved self esteem and hope. You do not need to be confident about making art, I will help you discover how materials can be used therapeutically. 

I work across age groups and abilities including children aged 10 to 12, teenagers, young adults and adults.

”Creative therapy is a type of therapy that uses non-verbal expression like art or music as a means to communicate our inner world.

Finding clarity in your thoughts can often be difficult using words alone, so creative therapy can help you to communicate your inner experience and what you’re feeling in other ways. It can help an individual to access and navigate their own thoughts and feelings and discover a sense of self, which can often be lost when struggling with mental health.”